Applications for Paris Fringe 2017 main festival are now closed

The application window for 2017 was open for 6 weeks in Autumn 2016. We recieved over a hundred applications which we are now reading and reviewing.
If you have applied and are waiting to hear from us, please be patient. We will get back to you but it is a big task and we want to give each application proper consideration.
If you have missed the deadline and would still like to be involved in 2017, we will have a Free Fringe in 2017 (scroll to the bottom of the page for details). If you are thinking about applying in 2018, take a look at our guidelines and FAQs to find out more.  

Festival Guidelines

The Paris Fringe will consider all shows that have a theatrical element. They can be on any theme or any genre and be a mixture of styles but we will select projects that clearly have a theatrical performance at their heart. We are equally looking for shows that are innovative or unusual in their approach and can bring something new to the Paris arts scene. We only have a few clear rules. All shows must be :
  • between 40 and 80 minutes long
  • technically appropriate for a fringe festival – i.e. easy and quick to "get in" and "get out"
  • Mainly in English - i.e. English should be the main language of your show. Other languages may be included (a bilingual French-English show is fine, for instance), or your show can simply contain no text at all. In an effort to keep this festival international for our audience and artists, we work in an internationally accessible language.
To make sure that the Paris Fringe provides a broad selection of high quality work, when making the selection we will be weighing a variety of different elements, including the show’s:
  • appeal to an international audience
  • technical requirements
  • overall quality of the application


What support does the Paris Fringe offer?

What support can be offered to each company will depend on the specifics of each show, as the needs of each will be different. However for all shows, the festival will :
  • Find you a venue
  • Coordinate with each space and put you in direct contact
  • Promote and market your show
  • Bring logistical support and advice in getting to, and staying in, Paris
  • Coordinate ticket sales
  • Provide advice in navigating the French administrative system

Do you provide assistance with accommodation in Paris?

The festival team provides logistical help in finding your way to, and in, Paris. We can suggest housing possibilities to you but each company is responsible for organising their travel and stay in Paris.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees to apply to the Paris Fringe. However once you are selected and your programming is confirmed, we will ask you for a registration fee. This will depend on the size of your venue and how many times you perform and thus will vary between 50 - 150 Euros.
Once we have an idea of where we can put your show, and once the venue has considered your application, we will contact you with this information.

Where will my registration fee go?

Your registration free will go toward covering festival expenses. The Paris Fringe is a non-profit organisation. Your money will help us cover the costs of advertising the festival and your show, printing festival posters and all the other running costs involved.

How many times can I expect to perform?

The festival will last ten days in total and shows will play between 2-4 times in that period. Exactly how many will depend on the specifics of your show.

What are the venues like and can I choose which one I perform in?

We use a variety of venues in the centre of Paris. Some are regular theatres, others are converted spaces. They range in size from 40-300, from having a full lighting and sound rig to having very basic tech. We are currently scouting out more spaces to add to our list for 2017 but check out details of last year's edition for more info.
In terms of choosing the space, you're welcome to suggest a preference but we cannot guarantee anything. Although we suggest shows that fit a theatre's technical and artistic profile, we don't decide what plays where and it is the theatre who will have the final say on what is programmed in their space.
Practicalities will have a big impact on which space you're offered so please give reliable details of your show's technical requirments.

What financial deal do we get with our venue?

Our general deal with partnering venues is a box office split between the theatre and you.  Unlike most Fringe festivals, there is no upfront venue hiring fee.
Last year, companies had a 40% take on ticket sales and we expect the percentage to be similar to that with the venues this year. Exact details will be communicated to you if you're offered a place to perform.

How much are tickets and who decides the price?

Ticket prices are set by the festival and aim to keep it accessible to all. Prices will therefore range from €10-€15.

When will I know if my show is in the programme?

After the submission deadline, the selection committee will take a couple of weeks to read and consider each application carefully. We will then draft a first shortlist. Artists may be contacted for some clarifying questions up to 4 weeks after submission deadline, so please make sure your contact info is accurate. Next, venues will be contacted and the final selection of our programme will depend on their choices.
This is a long and laborious process. We ask you to be patient with us. We will get back to all of you within 6 weeks after our deadline.

What are my chances of getting in?

For our first edition in 2016 we put on 16 different shows. The 2017 edition will be larger but the festival isn't ready to expand into a behemoth (such as Edinburgh) at this stage.  By keeping it at a certain level it allows us to partner with theatres using a box-office split deal instead of companies having to hire the venue outright.  This makes it much more affordable, and less risky, for companies to play here as there are less upfront costs. It also means we can spend more time promoting each and every show and ensure audiences keep on coming back.
In terms of the number of applications, it's only our second year so we don't know what to expect. Apply and find out!

I haven't been selected. Can I still come and play at the Fringe?

Yes. This year, the Paris Fringe is launching a FREE FRINGE.
Those who have not been selected, or have missed the deadlines, are welcome to apply to our Free Fringe programme. This is pretty much the same application procedure and we will have application forme online in 2017.

What's the Free Fringe?

The FREE FRINGE aims to help emerging artists and new and unusual works to be showcased in front of an audience. You will be playing in unusual spaces, such as cafes, bars or squares with idle watchers drinking an afternoon espresso. You could also be in a laundrette, a basketball court or even a barber's shop!
The FREE FRINGE will really be at the heart of the Fringe and provide the liveliness and the festival spirit that we're looking to spark here in Paris.

Why is it called ‘Free’?

It is free for the audience to attend. French tradition usually includes a pass of the hat at the end of a performance, but please be aware that there is limited financial gain.

Do I have to apply and is there a selection process for the Free Fringe?

Yes. There is still a selection here, sorry folks! We just don't have unlimited space in the city (yet) to welcome you all. We will have a downloadable form online in 2017.

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