Sep 9, 2018

by Pringe100

I ONLY BELIEVE IN FIRE tackles the relationship between the French writer Anaïs Nin and the American novelist Henry Miller, through the letters they exchanged for more than twenty years, since the writers met in Paris in 1931 in a torrent of passion, bohemianism and literature, until the last missive, dated in the United States in 1953.


The piece is a game of mirrors in which the authors Carlos Martín-Peñasco and Ángela Palacios adapt to theater the correspondence and the writings of Nin and Miller to make them collapse with their own biographies, dreams and complexes. Art as a way of life, the dilemmas posed by vocation, creative censorship or autobiography and its consequences are some of the themes that spring from the love story of these two writers who sought to adapt themselves to a world in which they did not quite fit.


This is a delirious trip between literature and the metatheater in which the artists seem to have more questions than answers on their way to transcendence (or survival).



Saturday 13 October 17:30 & Sunday 14 October 19:00