Apr 20, 2017

by Pringe100

Crossroads is a bilingual musical about a young, French bride-to-be named Amélie, who encounters three women that help her make the biggest decision of her life – for better or for worse.


The story takes place in present day in an airport. This meeting place of grand
departures and anticipated returns, a place where we can lose our way or begin a
great escape, provides a meeting place for four women, each coming and going
on their own journey. The delineation between French and English blurred as the
women interact, we are asked to consider how we can find our own idea of
“home” in this transient, jet-setting world. Accompanied by piano and guitar,
scenes blend into songs as we depart on a journey through the eyes of the
youngest woman, a traveler who is running away on her wedding day.



Musical theatre


Sunday 21 May 18:00 & Wednesday 24 May 21:30