Bleach (UK)

Sep 9, 2018

by Pringe100

Tyler Everett knows how to take it like a man; he’s made a career out of it. He’s rejected London’s corporate world in favour of screwing his way through the city each night.


Up to now he’s been doing pretty well for himself, enjoying a hedonistic life of men, sex and money. But on a fully-booked Saturday night, Tyler’s bubble’s about to burst and he’ll discover the real cost of living in the worlds most exciting city.


Bleach is a darkly humorous, soul-jolting new one man show about sex, violence and city living.

Direct from critically acclaimed runs in Dublin, Manchester, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, Bleach is sure to make your pulse race and your mind churn.

**** The Arts Review

**** Broadway Baby

**** Jack the Lad Mag

**** GayLinc

**** Canal Street

**** The Outmost

Winner of the Write for the Stage award for best new writing at the Manchester Fringe 2017.


Thursday 11 October 21:45 & Friday 12 Octobrer 17:00