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Paris Free Fringe: where anything goes

Before submitting your proposal to the Paris Free Fringe 2017, please make sure to look through our Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions. They'll help you fill in the application form and deal with many of the unknowns.
Once you've read the guidelines, click on the link below to download our application form.
Fill it in and submit to :
Deadline for submissions is Midnight (CET) on 28th February 2017.
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Paris FREE Fringe Application Form 2017

Free Fringe Guidelines

The Paris Free Fringe will consider pretty much anything at all that can be classed as entertainment. It can be on any theme or in any genre; it can mix styles and ideas; as long as it's not boring then we're interested. The Free Fringe is designed as a space for anyone to try something out and shows us what they can do. We are equally looking for shows that are innovative, unusual, whacky and bring something new to the Paris arts scene. All shows must be :
  • between 10 and 50 minutes long
  • technically appropriate for a Free Fringe – i.e. minimal to zero tech
We'll weigh up a variety of different elements when deciding on whether or not it can be programmed:
  • appeal to an international audience
  • technical requirements
  • practicality
  • appropriate for a public space


What is the Paris Free Fringe?

The idea of a Free Fringe is that all shows are free to the public. It's a way to encourage perfromers to try out new ideas and concepts that are not ready to be presented as a paid show. It allows the inexperienced to have a go of performing in a supportive environment where they are likely to get a decent audience through participation in the wider festival.

Where does it take place?

The Free Fringe will happen in a variety of spaces dotted around the 9th and 10th arrondissements during the Paris Fringe 2017 (18-28 May). It may be a public space, such as the courtyard of a mairie, or a building that's open to the public, such as a library or a laundrette. Exactly where and when depends on the content and requirements of your show.

Can we play in the street?

We would love to be able to programme work in the streets. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing security situation in Paris, it isn't possible to perfrom in open public spaces like the street. We're therefore focussing on enclosed spaces that are outdoors.

What support does the Paris Fringe offer?

What support can be offered to each company will depend on the specifics of each show, as the needs of each will be different. However for all shows, the festival will :
  • Find you a venue
  • Coordinate with each space
  • Promote and market your show
  • Bring logistical support and advice in getting to, and staying in, Paris

Do you provide assistance with accommodation in Paris?

The festival team provides logistical help in finding your way to, and in, Paris. We can suggest housing possibilities to you but each company is responsible for organising their travel and stay in Paris.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees to apply to the Paris Fringe. However once you are selected and your show is confirmed, we will ask you for a registration fee of €10.

Where will my registration fee go?

Your registration fee will give you space in the printed programme and help cover general festival expenses. The Paris Fringe is a non-profit organisation. Your money will help us cover the costs of advertising the festival and your show.

Can  I earn any money?

Free does mean free, so no tickets can be sold for your show and no entrance fee will be charged to spectators. However, it is traditional to "pass the hat" at the end of performances.

How many times can I expect to perform?

The festival will last ten days in total and shows will play between 2-4 times in that period. Exactly how many will depend on the specifics of your show.

When will I know if my show is in the programme?

After the submission deadline, the selection committee will take a couple of weeks to read and consider each application carefully. Artists may be contacted for some clarifying questions up to 4 weeks after submission deadline, so please make sure your contact info is accurate. Next, venues will be offered the shows and the final selection of our programme will depend on their choices.
This is a long and laborious process. We ask you to be patient with us. We will get back to all of you within 4 weeks after our deadline.

What are my chances of getting in?

This is the first time we're doing this so we have no idea how many applications we'll receive. We're adding spaces all the time and will programme as much as possible so the best way to find out is to apply.  

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