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1. Select the Paris Fringe Festival 2018 from the list of festivals you can apply for in Eventotron.
2. If you don't have an Eventotron account, you'll need to create one. Once you’re logged in, you can start completing the application!
3. Complete the 2018 Paris Fringe application.
4. Hang tight for a response from the Paris Fringe! We really appreciate your patience during the application reviewal process :)
Apply to the Paris Fringe 2018


In just two years, our emerging festival has welcomed hundreds of artists from 20+ countries, and more than 2 000 spectators. And we've been referenced over 100 times by local and foreign press! Please do consider applying if you want some great visibility, to enjoy Paris in the fall, to share your craft and to meet other incredible Fringe artists!   
If you want to get rich from your performance, though... well, just keep in mind that we like things Fringe-y!  
Our new headquarters, Le Théâtre de Verre, offers several alternative performance spaces plus one large theatre space (220 m²) that seats up to 110 and can be adjusted to best accommodate your performances.   
Most shows selected to perform at the Paris Fringe will be offered two show dates. And you'll get anywhere from about 5 to 9 euros for every person that sees your show, based on our new festival ticketing system.   
Keep in mind that the PARIS FRINGE does not cover transportation and lodging but a good audience turnout will help you to cover costs and, hopefully, help fill up your FRINGE pockets!


The Paris Fringe will consider all shows that have a theatrical element. They can be on any theme or any genre and be a mixture of styles but we will select projects that clearly have a theatrical performance at their heart. We are equally looking for shows that are innovative or unusual in their approach and can bring something new to the Paris arts scene.  


- The deadline for application is March 31st at 11:59pm. You can apply to perform in the Paris Fringe by clicking on this link:  
- All projects should run between 50 and 90 minutes if you want to perform in the large theatre space.   
-        All projects should be technically appropriate for a fringe festival – i.e. easy and quick to "get in" and "get out"  
-        All projects should appeal to an international audience  
-        We’ll be looking at the overall quality of your application as well as your project’s artistic promise    
- Our partner, Théâtre de Verre, offers alternative performance spaces plus one large theatre space (220 m²) that seats up to 110 and can be adjusted to best fit your performances.   
- All companies will receive an email from the Paris Fringe in May informing them of whether or not their project has been selected.  
- A 90-150 euros participation fee will be asked of all selected shows to reserve their spot in the festival by June 1st.   
- All selected shows must complete the participation packet by June 1st.   
- Failure to submit payment and paperwork by that date will result in forfeiture of a participant slot.   
- Most selected shows will have two performances over the course of the festival.   
- Selected shows will automatically be included in the PARIS FRINGE printed program, receive high visibility on the PARIS FRINGE website and general visibility throughout PARIS FRINGE marketing.  
- You'll get full box office services.  
- A local technician can assist your company's technician.  
- You'll get to see other Fringe shows for free.  
- Your company will get anywhere from 5 to 9 euros for every person that sees your show, based on our new festival ticketing system. 


Do you provide assistance with accommodation in Paris?

The festival team provides logistical help in finding your way to, and in, Paris. We can suggest housing possibilities to you but each company is responsible for organising their travel and stay in Paris.

Are there any fees?

Yes, there is a 10 euros fee to apply to the Paris Fringe. If you are selected and your programming is confirmed, we will ask you for a registration fee that will vary between 90-150 Euros.  

Where will my registration fee go?

Your registration free will go toward covering festival expenses. The Paris Fringe is a non-profit organisation. Your money will help us cover the costs of advertising the festival and your show, printing festival posters and all the other running costs involved.

How many times can I expect to perform?

The festival will last 4 days in total and most shows will play 2 times in that period.

What are the venues like and can I choose which one I perform in?

The Théâtre de Verre is a Fringe-y performance space in Paris’s 19th arrondissement. If you’re looking for red velvet curtains and perfect acoustics, this isn’t the place. BUT! It’s a venue that offers many alternative performance spaces as well as a large theatre space (220 m²) that seats up to 110 and can be adjusted to best accommodate your performances. 
Practicalities will have a big impact on whether or not you’ll be selected so please give reliable details of your show's technical requirements.

What financial deal do we get with our venue?

With out new festival ticketing system, your company will receive about 5-9 euros for every person in your audience. Unlike most Fringe festivals,there’s no upfront venue hiring fee.  

When will I know if my show is in the programme?

After the submission deadline, the selection committee will take a few weeks to read and consider each application carefully. We will then draft a first shortlist. Artists may be contacted for some clarifying questions up to 4 weeks after submission deadline, so please make sure your contact info is accurate. Shortly after, you will receive notification of your admission to the festival or not.
This is a long and laborious process. We really appreciate your patience!

What are my chances of getting in?

We’re a small festival and strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. In that regard, we don’t accept tons of shows… probably 10-15 this year. It all depends on what kind of applications we get! Apply and find out!    

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